5 Comfort Soups That will get you through the  Winter

5 Comfort Soups That will get you through the Winter

23/01/2016 2 By J. L. James

5 Favorite Comfort Soups

After spending the morning  blowing snow off the driveway or navigating the icy winter roads, there is nothing more rewarding than coming into the warmth and sitting down to a nice hot bowl of soup. Oh! for that flavourful bowl of soup. Don’t you love it when the smell of the soup you are cooking starts to permeate the kitchen.

Here are  links to 5  soups that I love and have tried throughout the years.  This list that will warm the cockles of your heart.  These are  destination soups, they remind me of my travels, and how much the world has become a melting pot. Soup also reminds me of my mum’s kitchen.  It used to be difficult to get ingredients for soups that were considered exotic, but now grocery stores have everything, and if they don’t natural health food stores have the rest.

1. Jamaican Pumpkin Chicken Soup – I will start with a Jamaican Chicken Pumpkin Soup because when I was in Jamaica last summer, and I tried several different soups at various places along the Negril strip.  They were all delicious.  The soup cooked here is a Jamaican classic. The site, Cook like a Jamaican, is produced by a mother and daughter team.  Fay is a Jamaican grandmother who is teaching her daughter and everyone else secrets of Jamaican cooking.  Chicken soup is the go to  soup to take when you feel under the weather. This soup is a very satisfying meal.

2. French Onion Soup – This is a soup that I have been making since I was a teenager growing up in London. It combined two of my favorite things at the time, cheese and onion. This version from Haste’s Kitchen, adds ingredients like bandy and wine, which certainly makes the flavors pop out.

3. Mullitagwany – Has always been a favorite of mine. This soup was brought from India to England in the 19th century, and modified by the British in the days of the Raj. It is the national soup of India. The spices were unlike anything the British had experienced before and chopped apple sweetened the recipe for British tastes. Some versions add chicken or it can be vegetarian. This version is from Hannah Freeman of the British Corner Shop.

4. Slow Cooker Bacon Corn Chowder –  I have included this crock pot recipe from The Share Cherry, because I think the crock pot is such a miracle item in the kitchen. You can make most things in a crock pot. It is just a matter of  preparing the ingredients, throwing them all in and going about your normal day. You come home to a delicious meal.

5. Minestrone – I have chosen a quick and simple recipe from Camille Parker, Executive Chef. This soup is best known in the Italian cuisine.  It is a hearty vegetable and bean base, with pasta or rice and the best Italian herbs.

Bon Appetite!

Don’t forget to drop me a line and share some of your favorite winter soup recipes.



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