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I am a partial empty nester, and have been a published writer since my teenage years. I have a passion for  telling stories about people and places.

My children were on their way to independence when life took different course. Now my nest may never be empty, however, my heart will always be full.  I have now added the role of Caregiver to my credentials and will share valuable information and resources with you.

I look forward to this phase of the elder parent journey, as this will allow me to continue to explore views of life from a growing modern-day reality of the not so empty nest.

Join me and together we can build a community that will support and explore the possibilities of Living The best In The Not So Empty Nest.

J.L. James

Writer, Photographer,
Social Commentator and Original EmptyBester.



J. L. James
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J. L. James

Writer at EmptyBesters
Social Commentator, Original EmptyBester.
J. L. James
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2 thoughts on “About J. L. James

  1. Judith, how is your daughter doing?
    Please let us know. I read all your posts this morning, and I am sorry but I had no idea how serious your daughter’s condition is.

    Was her arrhythmia something she had surgery for before in her young life or was it being treated with medication? What is the history of her heart ailment? Was she born with the ailment?

    As your daughter’s loving Mom, you have been through the ringer, I am sure, both emotionally and physically because when our loved ones are suffering, so are we, but a Mother’s heart is so deep and her heart is actually your heart, too.

    I have no experience with heart arrhythmia problems with young adults, but I have read about how some young people are on medication; my ex-husband who is 62 has a fibrillation and has had two ablation procedures, and one 5 hour cryo ablation procedure just two months ago, and he is doing better now but he had a mini-stroke two days after his procedure due to pain killer drug reaction complications (long story) That is my only experience with heart issues in my family.
    Please give us an update on your daughter.
    And I see where you mentioned the Mysyery of God – I have had my own ups and downs in the God department, but as I get older, I am literally starting to see the light that others have already seen and believe. You take care of yourself, Judith.

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