Canadians Know How to Do Winter

Canadians Know How to Do Winter

02/02/2016 0 By J. L. James

Canadians know a thing or two about winter.  It is not all about ice hockey pucks and skate boards at this time of year. In fact, we have been having a rather mild winter this year.  February is usually the month where it gets worse before it gets better.  While the cold can be exhilarating for a brisk winter hike, or snowmobiling.  I am the first to curl up in front of a roaring fire.

I asked my teenage son for his thoughts on what Canadians love to do in the winter,  “Go to Florida.”  was the reply.  What a Comedian? So for those of us who have teenage sons in their last year of high school and cannot get away to snow bird land (Florida), here are some exciting things that you can do in the Canadian winter.

Carnivals and Festivals

Most communities put on either a Winter carnival, festival or both.  Check your local listings. These are usually family fun events.  This time of year is usually a slow time for local artisans.  Festivals give artists an opportunity to showcase their talents via exhibitions and lessons to an appreciative audience who have braved the cold to find some winter fun.  The Alton Mill Arts Centre has an annual Fire and Ice Festival.

Artist shares technique

Artist, Paul Morin, sharing his technique at the Fire and Ice Festival, Alton, Ontario


Ice Carving

This is truly and amazing feat to watch.  A huge chunk of crystal clear ice transformed before your eyes.  The sculptors have to work  quickly and skilfully and it is hard to see the design taking shape in this medium. Ice sculptors use various tools from a chain saws to ice picks, carving very intricate designs in ice. Try to catch some before they all melt away.  Ottawa has some beautiful ice sculptures  that  are showcased in night lights.

Canadian Winter Fun, Ice Sculpture

Ice Carver, Fire and Ice Festival – Alton, Ontario

Fun Winter Canada be not cold. Yoda



Ice Fishing

They tell me that it is great fun warm really warm in the  little huts, so I have to believe them.


When you have done all of the above grab a hot chocolate and sit by the fire.

Canada in Winter, Outdoor Fire



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