Giant Tortoises on Changuu Island, Zanzibar: Taking it Slow

Giant Tortoises on Changuu Island

Weekend Traveller Series Giant Tortoises on Changuu Island They may be slow, but the Giant Tortoise,  (Geochelone gigantea), has seen more history than we can ever imagine.  These tortoises can live to be one hundred years old.  During the 1930’s to 40’s, these beautiful creatures were used for “sport”  in races.  Imagine sitting on the backs of these […]

Happy Canada Day!

Remember what makes this country Great. Canada is Big. Canada is Beautiful. Canada has diverse cultures. We are grateful to all caretakers of the land. We love our sports teams and look forward to a great PAN AM games. We look forward to:  A Brighter Future, A respect that transcends difference, Caring for our Flora […]

Santiago de Cuba, From Guantanamera to Guajira

Santiago de Cuba, Viva

Santiago de Cuba The winds of change are blowing through Cuba. The leaders of the US and Cuba,  seem committed to new beginnings. What will the future bring to this bastion of communism in the Caribbean? Building supplies seem to be in short supply as  is the patience of Cubans. Change is slow and residents here are […]