National Canadian Film Day: Get ready

National Canadian Film Day

In preparation for National Canadian Film Day on April 20th, EmptyBesters is helping to start the celebration.  This  is a special time to show appreciation for films that reflect the very fascinating and unique aspects of Canadian culture. While watching a great Canadian movie, what better to accompany it than some real Canadian food. Here is a recipe inspired by Canadian […]

Chocolate for Easter

banner-Easter chocolate

The most popular gift at Easter is chocolate.  Have you ever wondered how it starts its journey to become the gift of choice for so many?  Of course, marketing, sugar and popularity have played a large part. This is the drying of the cacao beans in Ghana, West Africa, Ghana’s largest cash crop. Happy Easter!

5 Comfort Soups That will get you through the Winter

5 Comfort Soups That will Get Yout Throught The Winter

5 Favorite Comfort Soups After spending the morning  blowing snow off the driveway or navigating the icy winter roads, there is nothing more rewarding than coming into the warmth and sitting down to a nice hot bowl of soup. Oh! for that flavourful bowl of soup. Don’t you love it when the smell of the soup you are […]