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Healthy Eating After the Holidays

Healthy Eating After the Holidays

Did you eat as much as I did over the holidays?  You can’t help it, every visit to family and friends included delicious food. And you think, I can always get rid of it afterwards.  You are  now ready to get back to healthy eating after the holidays. It is not easy, so take it at a healthy…

By J. L. James 05/01/2016 0

Best Street Food at Busker Festival Toronto – Paella

The International Busker Festival, Toronto is in full swing and in addition to the many talented artists, the street food is amazing.  A  personal favorite is the Paella and the dessert, Madura de queso, luckily from the same food vendors. The pictures say it all: Preparing the seafoodThe aroma was amazing and all we could do was suck it…

By J. L. James 30/08/2015 0

Hope and Olive Restaurant, Greenfield, Massachusetts –

The Beaver, our intrepid urban historian and food enthusiast is currently in Massachusetts. He  recently dined at the Hope and Olive in Greenfield, Mass. and here is what he found.   LAMB BURGER WITH SALAD   PORK TENDERLOIN WITH SWEET POTATOES & PEACHES   VERMONT GRASS-FED BEEF WITH BLUE CHEESE MASHED POTATOES     And if…

By J. L. James 09/07/2015 0