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Hope and Olive Restaurant, Greenfield, Massachusetts –

The Beaver, our intrepid urban historian and food enthusiast is currently in Massachusetts. He  recently dined at the Hope and Olive in Greenfield, Mass. and here is what he found.   LAMB BURGER WITH SALAD   PORK TENDERLOIN WITH SWEET POTATOES & PEACHES   VERMONT GRASS-FED BEEF WITH BLUE CHEESE MASHED POTATOES     And if…

By J. L. James 09/07/2015 0

You vote: Duff’s or Anchor Bar Chicken Wings

It all depends on who you ask.  Who serves the best chicken wings in Buffalo, New York State?  It is between two giants with strong history in chicken wings. If you are heading to Buffalo, New York or have been there, let me know which one you prefer and why. Frank and Teressa’s  ANCHOR BAR…

By J. L. James 04/04/2015 0

Soulyve Caribbean Kitchen- A New Beginning

This site is all about change. It is always a challenging experience, especially when it happens to a restaurant.  Soulyve, a Caribbean fusion themed restaurant, located in Orangeville, north of Toronto, recently moved its location.  The move was just up the street so  fans of the old place won’t  have to go out of their way. It…

By J. L. James 23/01/2015 0