National Canadian Film Day: Get ready

National Canadian Film Day

In preparation for National Canadian Film Day on April 20th, EmptyBesters is helping to start the celebration.  This  is a special time to show appreciation for films that reflect the very fascinating and unique aspects of Canadian culture. While watching a great Canadian movie, what better to accompany it than some real Canadian food. Here is a recipe inspired by Canadian […]

Chimerica: Explores an Act of Defiance

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, left, and Evan Buliung in a scene from the Canadian Stage-Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre production of Lucy Kirkwood’s Chimerica. Photo by Dylan Hewlett. Chimerica, a play  written by British playwright, Lucy Kirkwood and directed by Chris Abraham is currently at the Bluma Appel Theatre. Presented by Canadian Stage and Royal Manitoba theatre. This […]

Ode to National Poetry Month

National Poerty Month

National Poetry Month We are in for a literary treat this month in Canada.  The League of Canadian poets, (LCP), celebrates National Poetry Month 2016. Take part in the celebration with EmptyBesters.  Don’t be shy.  The theme for this year is: The Road, and you are encouraged to make the poetry journey by the LCP: “Join us as we celebrate […]