Empty Nest Day: Time to say Goodbye

I can’t believe that it has been three years since I wrote about my daughter going off to university.   Now I have experienced my final Empty Nest Day with my son leaving for his first semester.  The partial Empty Nest has become  finally empty.  The first cut was not the deepest. It is when the last child leaves

Protecting our Elders From Scams

Protecting our Elders From Scams There are some very unscrupulous and callous people out there, and they prey on the elderly.  Empty nesters and midlife boomers are usually in the aptly named “sandwich generation”  between our college aged children and caring for aged parents. How can we protect our elders from scams? I want this post

The Year of the Empty Nest

A new beginning in the year of the Empty Nest The celebrations and fireworks are done, everyone is getting ready to return to the routine of their lives.  It is a new day in a New Year. What will this year in my partial Empty Nest bring? This is the year my nest will become truly empty.  My last child will