Multiple Streams of Income: Padding the Empty Nest

Multiple Streams of Income

Times are changing. Not one day goes by without some dire news about the economy, closures and lay offs. If you are lucky enough to survive restructuring, (and you all know what that means), you always feel the sword hanging over you. Employers love to remind you that you are lucky to have a job while lowering […]

Protecting our Elders From Scams

There are some very unscrupulous and callous people out there, and they prey on the elderly.  Empty nesters and midlife boomers are usually in the aptly named “sandwich generation”  between our college aged children and caring for aged parents. How can we protect our elders from scams? I want this post to make people aware […]

How to Stop the kids Scrounging Off You

The truth is out, according  to a recent CIBC survey:  “one in four parents across Canada say they’re spending more than $500 a month to support their adult children.” As EmptyBesters, we knew this already.  The adult children are scrounging off us. Part of the problem is that young people are often shielded from frank discussions about money […]