Journey to Caregiving: Becoming Stronger Than You Know

  “We can’t wake her up.” The emergency room Dr. on call that day waited in silence for a reaction. Is she talking about sleeping beauty? – I wondered.  I  used to watch hospital TV dramas so I needed real medical terminology not the fairy tale version.  “Do you mean she is in a coma?” I asked. “Yes” Now we were getting […]

A Coma in the Family: When the Bear Eats You

A coma in the family

“Some days you eat the Bear and some days the Bear eats you.” One day your world is bright and full of possibilities.  It is not perfect, but everything is manageable and there is a future where great things can happen. This world can crash at any given time.  That is the nature of the […]

Just A Drop – UK Alcohol Consumption Review

Reduce Your Alcohol: UK Alcohol Consumption Review Summary

New UK Review on Alcohol Consumption Alcohol is the new cigarette, or so the new guidelines for alcohol consumption in the UK would have you believe. We all know someone who has fallen victim to the disease of alcoholism, or is affected by the actions of a drunken person. Drinking alcohol is a double edged sword […]