A lesson in Living Simply – Negril, Jamaica

The main reason to take holiday  in Jamaica in the first place is to chill. To feel the sand beneath your feet, the sun on your back, and not think about the rat race you left behind. Walking along 7 miles of beach in Negril, (not really seven, but who is counting), of white sand beach with various star rated

A Coma in the Family: When the Bear Eats You

“Some days you eat the Bear and some days the Bear eats you.” One day your world is bright and full of possibilities.  It is not perfect, but everything is manageable and there is a future where great things can happen. This world can crash at any given time.  That is the nature of the

Multiple Streams of Income: Padding the Empty Nest

Times are changing. Not one day goes by without some dire news about the economy, closures and lay offs. If you are lucky enough to survive restructuring, (and you all know what that means), you always feel the sword hanging over you. Employers love to remind you that you are lucky to have a job while lowering