Celebrate Earth Day, Share Dr. Jane Goodall’s Vision, Love this Planet

Today we celebrate the good Earth and all that we enjoy about this planet. I thought what would be more fitting tribute at Emptybesters, than  a reprint of an interview I conducted with Dr. Jane Goodall two years ago, for another blog.  She was in Toronto again recently, and although I did not get to see her […]

The Art of Being Truly Grateful

You see it in so many facets of life. In sports, when the winning score is reached, millions of fans on the winning side are grateful. When the red carpet shimmers with designer clad beauties accompanied by smart tailored men;  and they hear their name announced for an award, they are grateful. A shift in perspective, makes the difference between feeling […]

Be a More Powerful You in the Empty Nest

Living in a partial, or full empty nest,  there are so many things that demand our attention.  For example, we are emotionally, and maybe, financially supporting  our children if they have recently left the house. We may also have issues at work, as some employers seek to downsize older employees in an effort to reduce costs, and so on, and so forth. There are so many […]