Journey to Caregiving: Becoming Stronger Than You Know

  “We can’t wake her up.” The emergency room Dr. on call that day waited in silence for a reaction. Is she talking about sleeping beauty? – I wondered.  I  used to watch hospital TV dramas so I needed real medical terminology not the fairy tale version.  “Do you mean she is in a coma?” I asked. “Yes” Now we were getting […]

Empty Nest Day: Time to say Goodbye

I can’t believe that it has been three years since I wrote about my daughter going off to university.   Now I have experienced my final Empty Nest Day with my son leaving for his first semester.  The partial Empty Nest has become  finally empty.  The first cut was not the deepest. It is when the last child leaves […]

How to Stop the kids Scrounging Off You

The truth is out, according  to a recent CIBC survey:  “one in four parents across Canada say they’re spending more than $500 a month to support their adult children.” As EmptyBesters, we knew this already.  The adult children are scrounging off us. Part of the problem is that young people are often shielded from frank discussions about money […]