Off To College – Quick Post Secondary Checklist for Parents and Students

Off to Post Secondary

Well, the countdown has begun for many parents.  It won’t be long before the young adults are off to post secondary institutions. Each new entry group is the brightest and best, and they have access to more information than we ever thought possible. I have found in discussions with other parents, that there are certain aspects of this transitional […]

Post Secondary Scholarships Based on Need

I share Post Secondary information because we are still parents, and the first years out are crucial to the future success of your student.  If things go up the creek, you know you will have to dismantle the Jacuzzi and replace the walls to their old bedroom. Getting the children out of the nest in […]

Tax Time for Empty Nesters and their Post Secondary Students

At this time of year, Empty Nesters  turn their attention to their financial health.  It is almost tax time, and everyone is gathering their receipts, and updating their RRSP statements. For children of  new Empty Nesters, it is likely that this is  the first time that the young adults will be filing their own taxes.  If you are funding post secondary […]