Death Has Been Greedy This Year: Saying Goodbye to Friends and Family

Death of Friends and Family   I have gone for years without anyone I know dying.  My friends and family have been strong and healthy.  And even when the big “C” reared its ugly head amongst family members, They  have thankfully survived. In the past month, three people I know have died. They ranged in age from […]

Happy Father’s Day to Biological Fathers and Men who Act as Fathers

“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” — Unknown “I don’t know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” — Abraham Lincoln “When I was a kid, I said to my father one afternoon, ‘Daddy, will […]

Happy Family Day Ontario!

In every conceivable manner, the family is a link to our past, bridge to our future. ~ Alex Haley   The more I write about life in the Empty Nest, the more I realise that the nest is never really empty.  All our relations are present in so many ways. They may visit,  Skype,  text or just be […]