Goodbye Online Dating, Hello Real World

Goodbye Online Dating

Goodbye online Dating Some enchanted evening You may see a stranger, you may see a stranger Across a crowded room And somehow you know, You know even then That somewhere you’ll see her Again and again.    – South Pacific What is going on these days with online dating? By swiping your mobile you can find a quick fix to  […]

The Year of the Empty Nest

The Year of the Empty Nest

A new beginning in the year of the Empty Nest The celebrations and fireworks are done, everyone is getting ready to return to the routine of their lives.  It is a new day in a New Year. What will this year in my partial Empty Nest bring? This is the year my nest will become truly empty.  My last child will […]

What Do You Want to Change?

What do you want to change?

This post is about you and for you?  The wind of change is upon us and there are things that we want to do to make positive changes in our own lives. Tell me three things that you want to change in your life and why?  Here are some ideas to start you off. Do you want […]