A lesson in Living Simply – Negril, Jamaica

Rasta Ringo's Place, Negril, Jamaica

  The main reason to take holiday  in Jamaica in the first place is to chill. To feel the sand beneath your feet, the sun on your back, and not think about the rat race you left behind. Walking along 7 miles of beach in Negril, (not really seven, but who is counting), of white sand beach with various star […]

Say Yes to YS Falls, Jamaica

YS FALLS, Jamaica, emptybesters.com

“It is the fairest island eyes have beheld; mountainous and the land seems to touch the sky.” Christopher Columbus, 1494 YS Falls YS Falls, Jamaica, is located on the south coast of the island.  The YS River works its way down the falls towards the Black River. Waterfalls are always magical places, the free flowing, pristine waters […]

Canadians Know How to Do Winter

Canadians Know How To Do Winter

Canadians know a thing or two about winter.  It is not all about ice hockey pucks and skate boards at this time of year. In fact, we have been having a rather mild winter this year.  February is usually the month where it gets worse before it gets better.  While the cold can be exhilarating for […]