Celebrate Earth Day, Share Dr. Jane Goodall’s Vision, Love this Planet

Today we celebrate the good Earth and all that we enjoy about this planet. I thought what would be more fitting tribute at Emptybesters than  a reprint of an interview I conducted with Dr. Jane Goodall two years ago, for another blog.  She was in Toronto again recently, and although I did not get to see her […]

Coastal Fishing Includes Women – Zanzibar

Lulled by the sound of wistful waves, and the hypnotizing serenity of dhows sailing in the distance as they move swiftly  across the bluest of the blue Indian ocean. You would be forgiven for thinking that you had gone into a trance. The unbearable heat of the midday sun, catches only those uninitiated in the siesta ritual of the locals, who […]

Add Kilimanjaro to Your Bucket list

On Top of Kilimanjaro - Nelson and friends

Facing Mount Kilimanjaro The name alone conjures up the exotic, a sense of challenge and excitement.  It is a place that is becoming a popular addition to many Empty Nester’s ‘Bucket List’, including yours truly, a place to see before you reach those pearly gates. The east African country of Tanzania, is fascinating and there are two great features […]