Giant Tortoises on Changuu Island, Zanzibar: Taking it Slow

Giant Tortoises on Changuu Island

Weekend Traveller Series Giant Tortoises on Changuu Island They may be slow, but the Giant Tortoise,  (Geochelone gigantea), has seen more history than we can ever imagine.  These tortoises can live to be one hundred years old.  During the 1930’s to 40’s, these beautiful creatures were used for “sport”  in races.  Imagine sitting on the backs of these […]

Rum Tour in Jamaica

Appleton Estate Entrance

Weekend Traveller Series Take me to Jamaica Where the Rum Comes From:  Appleton Estate Rum Tour If you are looking for an interesting  tour while in Jamaica, I can recommend one that provides history, culture and a shot of toddy at the end.  Something for everyone. The Appleton Rum Tour. The journey As the old […]

Cucumber and Ginger Drink: Memories of Jamaica

Cool and refreshing: Cucumber and ginger drink When I was last in Jamaica I was introduced to a refreshing and delicious drink. Who would have thought of the pairing  cool cucumber with  hot Jamaican ginger. It sounds like a bad date, but it tasted great. Especially with lots of ice. I did not get the recipe at the time, but the version […]