Resources To Help You Celebrate Black History Month Canada 2018


Black History Month is about sharing the achievements and  struggles of those of African descent in Canada and around the world.

For those who really want to immerse themselves in the fascinating stories of strength and courage here are some resources, most of which  are specific to Ontario, Canada.

Here is a gem of a film, by Jennifer Holness and David Sutherland, Speakers for the Dead which captures the intriguing history of  small town in southern Ontario where the dead tell tales:


When you finish the documentary you may want to explore the history further.  Here are some links:

Grey County Museum

102599 Grey County Rd 18, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N6


Uncle Tom’s Cabin

29251 Uncle Tom’s Road
Dresden, Ontario
Black History Cairn

Guelph Black History Society


St. Catherines Museum


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One thought on “Resources To Help You Celebrate Black History Month Canada 2018

  1. This film truly is a gem Judith. It was very uncomfortable to watch but, compelling at the same time. The black people who spoke in the film were all so quietly spoken and dignified, despite the appalling treatment of their ancestors by whites who gave themselves privileges. When you think deeply into all of this, you get a sense of the unbearable pain that people must have suffered at the hands of bigots and all because their skin contained more pigment than some other skins. How can the various graduations of skin colour cause such monumental injustices in the world? And for so long. In my own family, going back to my grandmother and great grandmother’s time, there was dreadful racial prejudice that I still remember. Thankfully the ignorance died out with them. What should unite us all is our humanity – race is secondary to the humanity we ALL have in common. Thank you for putting this film on here Judith, I was shocked by it as I never knew this went on in Ontario. Small minds and greed – so so sad.

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