She’s Gone!  A New Start  in a Partial Empty Nest

She’s Gone! A New Start in a Partial Empty Nest

02/01/2015 8 By J. L. James

Life in a Partial Empty Nest Has Begun

It seems like a whirlwind now, but it was eighteen years in the making.  It all happened so fast. There were many highs and some lows.  One minute she was in High School. Then, we were searching for the graduation dress. Finally, we were taking suitcases up the to the room of the brand spanking new campus residence, and saying goodbye.

She did not go to my Alma Mata, and that was okay.  She felt her choice suited her needs, including being far from home. This seems to be a very common theme according to a quick survey amongst my peers. Being far from home is an assertion of independence.  I was just grateful a plane flight was not involved, as out of Province universities had been considered.

She would be in a new residence at a top university.  She had worked hard and earned her place in the Ivy.  For some reason my suggestion that she reside on the all-female, non-alcohol floor of the residence did not generate the enthusiasm I expected. (They are really two separate floors.  Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part.)  After she stopped looking at me like marbles were flying out of my head.  She said: No.

Free and far away was the goal. Oh…and don’t forget to send money.

Sweet child, young woman.

My doe eyed Bambi, was kind enough to share some pearls of teenage wisdom with me as she left for the Ivy.  Take what you need from them.  I am sure your offspring will come up with equal or better parables.


  • I know you worry about me because you are my mum, (British style), but I will be okay, so don’t worry.
  • You don’t have to call all the time. You have to give me space.


What can I say? This incredible young woman before me, my mini me, yet still her own person.  The world is hers to discover.

Embrace Your New Life in the Empty Nest

If, like me you believe you did something right.  Pat yourself on the back.  You obviously did something right if they are off and away.  You have given your child the tools to develop and follow their own path.

Now continue yours. There will be times  in the Empty Nest when some object, smell,  piece of music, a photo, anything, will set off a memory of the former life.  Embrace the moment and let it go.

Discoveries in the Empty Nest

Tip for Mums:  Check out the wardrobe left behind.  I found a few things I could squeeeeeze into. Yes, my daughter’s jeans. (Okay, they were baggy on her.)

And did you notice the incredible make up colours they have these days?

Dads – I don’t know what you will find useful in your son’s rooms, but the smells will be gone.

Life in the Empty Nest is part of the cycle.  Just as we left our parents homes, so our children leave ours. That’s Life.


Share your first Empty Nest experience, be it partial or full.


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