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There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I feel like I have pushed my way back into the sunlight. Friends, readers and subscribers it has been a roller coaster  year.  Thank you for sticking with me through my mostly silent blog period. The time has come to “redux”. I love  this  word,  it sounds so sophisticated. Redux is a literary term meaning  “to bring back”.  I am bringing EmptyBesters  back with an update and  reflection on the trickster nature of life’s best laid plans.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”
Hermann Hess

I was going to change the name of the blog.  I wondered if it would still be relevant and resonate considering the changes that have occurred.  Trusting my instincts I decided the name stays,  the tag line changed, and the blog will evolve around it.

Some people have a smooth life journey, some have a few bumps in the road, others have their whole life go to hell in a hen basket. Yes, the latter applies.

We come to understand that no matter how awful the situation, we will get through it.  There are people  who have had similar, if not more challenging situations  than I encountered.  The difference in succumbing or overcoming a tough life challenge is the willingness not to accept the limitations that other people place on you.

“Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has many bends, ups and down, but that’s its beauty.”  
Amit Ray, World Peace: The Voice of the Mountain Bird

Is “self-pity” your frenemy?  Maybe, but it can be an active part of the process in discovering your inner strength. It forces you to examine every aspect of a situation until it is time to show it the door and kick sadness to the floor.

In my journey discovered:

How generous and kind people can be.

How draining stress is to the mind and body.

How to seek pleasure in simplicity.

How to accept the things you cannot change.

How to raise a little hell to get the changes that are needed.

How to surrender to patience.

Visit with me, perhaps I can offer some insight and answer some questions around life altering change and overcoming adversity that will inspire your journey.

Have Courage,

J. L. James

*In my next post I will describe what happened and how I found the strength to begin again.



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2 thoughts on “EmptyBesters Redux: Blog Regained

  1. Although I am not in exactly the same situation as you, I do totally get this, especially the list of things you have discovered – in particular how draining stress is to the mind and body. My sister and I are in care-giving situation which will only get more demanding as time goes on and we both know that one day, it will suddenly be gone and the stress will be gone too leaving other emotions to rush into the void. It’s really tough at times and it does make us feel physically and mentally ill if we don’t get control of our thoughts. For you it is different because your daughter is young and should not be in this challenging situation. And you, as her mum, probably never expected to give this level of care ever again. Much love to you both. xox

    1. Thanks so much Gilly, Always a pleasure to hear from you.
      Kudos to you and your sister. It is not easy. Young or old, I think it not the age of the person you are giving the care to its the mental and physical demands on your mind and body. If it is a family, you love them dearly and it is so hard to see that they are not as independent as they want to be. One also has to wonder what would happen to them if you were not around. That is particularly worrying when the person you look after is younger. Both my parents are in their 80’s and in fairly good health for now. Add that to the mix and it will be a long and winding road.
      You are right about out of control thoughts. It is toxic to mental and physical health. Someone pointed me in the direction of writers like Wayne Dyer, Tolle, and Indian and Buddhist teachings. They talk about the ” monkey mind”. I had browsed through some of these writers in my younger days, but now I read with a new perspective. It shifted my understanding of who and what we are as conscious human beings and the possibilities within us. It does not necessarily make it easier, but it is more tolerable. I like Alan Watts youtube talks. Don’t really have the time to read and his voice is so relaxing I sometimes fall asleep. So either it works. 🙂 Stay strong, my friend. Love to you and your sister too. xox

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