Favorite Products  At the Whole Life Expo, Toronto

Favorite Products At the Whole Life Expo, Toronto

29/11/2015 2 By J. L. James

Whole Life Expo Favorites

It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.  I was out yesterday exploring  and tasting some great  products which encourage well being and  health, at the Whole Life Expo 2015.  This is held annually in Toronto,  and is Canada’s largest showcase of natural health, alternative medicine and green living   I got to meet some wonderful entrepreneurs who want their customers to get the best from their products.

There were free samples galore, and you didn’t have to feel guilty having your fifth taste of an organic natural health bar,  coconut jam,  savoury kale chips,  blueberry juice, or purified water.  Everything was delicious and healthy.  Of course, it was not just about the food.  There were massage therapists, psychics,  as well as natural clothing and cosmetics.  This is a great show and ends today, 29th November.

Here is my list of absolute favorite exhibits at the show:

Van Dyk Blueberry Juice

This drink was delicious, I love blueberries, and the flavour was like eating natural blueberries.  It was not syrupy or overly sweet which often happens when fruit is converted to juice.  Best of all it is a true Canadian product, hailing from Nova Scotia, where some of Canada’s best blueberries are grown.  Website:  www.vandykbluberries.ca

Randy MacDonald, Business Manager, Van Dyk Blueberry Juice

Randy MacDonald, Business Manager, Van Dyk Blueberry Juice. Whole Life Expo 2015

“There is only one ingredient in Van Dyk’s Pure Wild Blueberry Juice”: Grade A, nova Scotia-grown wild blueberries.  No sweeteners, preservative, or additives – just 100% blueberries.”













Coco Vie

I have to admit that I worked really hard here. Everything here comes from coconuts: spreads, flour even vinegar.  I sampled everyone of their coconut spreads on display, and then some.  It was so delicious I think I could eat it from the jar. The wonderful flavours included;  Pineapple, mango, vanilla and chocolate. I spoke with Anne Josef, the founder of the company. A Filipino-Canadian entrepreneur, she wanted to share the benefits of  “nature’s superfood” with Canadians, while creating a sustainable business for farmers in the Philippines.

Coco Vie, Entrepreneur , Anne Josef with some of her scrumptious products.

Coco Vje, Entrepreneur , Anne Josef with some of her scrumptious products.


“The modest and sprightly Josef does not hesitate to credit the Filipino farmers who continue to help her develop a growing array of coconut products. “The farmers are involved in every step of the creation process,” Josef explains. “I see them as partners, all the way from harvest to sale.”

Josef works with farmers in the Philippines and a test cook in Toronto to adapt time-honoured Filipino recipes to suit North American taste buds and its compulsion to try the latest organic craze.”  Contact:  www.cocovienaturals.com

Chic Made Consciously

For something different in the fashion world, Eco fashion accessories, Ethically crafted in Bali from inner tire tubes. I really like fashion as art, and have often sought the road less travelled when is comes to accessory pieces.  Chic Made Consciously fills that craving for something, inspiring, practical and ethical. Beautiful pieces.  Many of the designer labels have their clothing made in Asia.  This company promotes local designers in Bali.  Canadian Division owner is: Cassandra Maria Ciarallo.

Eco-fashion accessories: Chic Made Consciously

So pretty. Eco-fashion accessories: Chic Made Consciously

Ladies at Chic Made Consciously, are happy to explain the sustainability of the products and how they help Bali develop a local industry.



Bee Real Products

I want to thank the ladies at Be Real Products, who gently persuaded me to try their natural make-up. It was a real treat.  The make-up is not heavy and the tones were so delicate that they blended very nicely. The very natural base  of these products should suit most skin types, “This is natural skincare, using minimal ingredients for maximum effectiveness, and essential oils for their healing properties.” They made me look pretty considering I had rushed out of the house with barely a nod to make-up. Product Creator is Helen Bertrim.  Contact: wwww.beerealproducts.ca


Packing a basket with some of these items would make a great holiday treat. If you like these products and the post. Feel free to share it.

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