Finding the Falls in Ontario

27/08/2015 2 By J. L. James

There is nothing as refreshing as taking a brisk walk along a  winding forest trail, and the sound of water cascading over rocks followed by a brilliant panoramic view.  Central Ontario is blessed with many accessible trails for all levels of experience.

View from Eugenia Falls, Ontario

Because I still want to make the most of a beautiful summer and take advantage of  places closer to home, I decided to embark on a mystery tour with The Beaver.  Actually, I had several ideas, but I wasn’t sure which one would be best, so it was a mystery tour for me too.

Off we headed to Grey County, Ontario. Rain clouds were gathering, but what is a little rain to intrepid explorers. The Bruce trail that runs through this county  is dotted with signs for waterfalls. The rural roads here  are often a throw back to the past and you never know what you will see.  Two Amish women riding in a buggy made it seem like we had travelled back in time. I had never seen such a pretty colour worn by the “plain” people.

Plain People


Hoggs Falls

Once you are on the road for Hoggs Falls, located on the Niagara Escarpment, don’t blink or you may miss the turn off. From the parking lot you are just a short walk from these graceful ribbon falls, that is the Boyne River flowing over the escarpment.

Hoggs Falls, Ontario

The ropes looked sturdy enough, but the bottom seemed a little too muddy that day. But if you are feeling athletic you can climb down the rope ladder. Not sure who set this up, but you get a great view  of the base of the falls.

Down the rope, Hoggs Falls, Ontario


Eugenia Falls

If you still have energy and feel  you have room for one more exciting falls view, then head on to Eugenia Falls, just a short drive away.  These falls are reputed to be named after Princess Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III. The falls are surrounded by a forest that is breathtaking.

Eugenia Falls Cacades, Ontario

The view is like the forests of British Columbia or a Costa Rican rain forest, yet it is much closer to home. The stone wall along the trail enables you to get a better vantage point of the falls, part of the trees are cut away so you can view the ethereal Beaver River as it cascades over the falls.

Top of Eugenia Falls, Ontario © Judith

As well as trails, there is a war memorial to local men lost in the Great War. A natural setting, a fitting tribute, a peaceful place to remember.


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