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09/01/2015 0 By J. L. James


The other day my mother visited her MD.  I asked how the visit went and what he had said about her (minor) ailment. Everything went well she said, and he gave her a prescription. I asked what was the name of the aliment.  She said he didn’t tell her and she didn’t ask.  It occurred to me that this was very old school.

Back in the day, a visit your family Doctor would consist of  quietly listening until it was time to reach over for the prescription, thank the Dr.  and leave.

Now a visit the Dr. means a full waiting room and long wait times.  So the actual time you spend, depending on the physician, may not leave much time for discussion. How do you enhance your visit and make every minute count?

Find a Dr. that is the right fit for you.

* The College of Physicians and Surgeons in each Province provides a list of physicians taking new patients in your area.

Family Physicians are hard to come by these days, especially in rural areas outside the major cities. Nurse Practitioners fill the void in many of these areas.  Walk in clinics are becoming the norm.

Your health is your most important asset.    If you are looking for a new Family Dr.,  you want to be sure that you are comfortable with, and have confidence in, that person who will be your  consultant as far as your health concerns. Would you take your car to a mechanic you didn’t trust?  You want to trust the person who advises you on your health. You can even look at sites such as: RateMDs,  and read about other peoples experience with a particular physician. Don’t be afraid to keep looking.

Interview your MD,  and explain what you are looking for in a Doctor, patient relationship.  Don’t be shy. With maturity comes a new self-confidence especially when you consult with a younger MD.  Remember, they may have gone to medical school, but you know your body. Share the steps that you are taking to promote your own health.

Your improved health is the goal. Self empowerment means being able to communicate with your health provider, and to become an equal participant in your health goals.


On a lighter note, here are some questions you do not, and I repeat do not, want to ask your MD:

Did your last white coat have long sleeves that wrapped around and fastened at the back?

Were you the inspiration for the T.V. show ‘ House’ ?

Did the penmanship class start after you graduated?

You see! Laughter is really the best medicine.

Care to share your experience with looking for a health care practitioner?  Drop me a line.


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