Where’s Willie? At the Wiarton Festival

Along the  South Bruce, on the Blue Water, there is an annual tradition.  A festival that wakes up a  groundhog to look at its own shadow, depending on what he sees, we will know if winter is going to be long or short. Here’s Willie! the local hero.  This year marks 60th Diamond Anniversary of the Wiarton Willie Festival. Prediction morning is Feb. 2nd,…

By J. L. James 26/01/2015 0

Soulyve Caribbean Kitchen- A New Beginning

This site is all about change. It is always a challenging experience, especially when it happens to a restaurant.  Soulyve, a Caribbean fusion themed restaurant, located in Orangeville, north of Toronto, recently moved its location.  The move was just up the street so  fans of the old place won’t  have to go out of their way. It…

By J. L. James 23/01/2015 0

Holistic Health and the Empty Nester

Holistic Health and the Empty Nester

Having the body of an athlete is great when you are young, fun as you mature, but hurts as you go further down that race track called life.  The rigorous training that would push your body to its peak condition has a way of coming back to haunt you.  It’s now saying, its pay back time, with…

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