Top 5 Ways To Enjoy A Canadian Winter

(NC) Some things are a perfect match: marshmallows and hot chocolate, fresh snow and snowmen, mittens and scarves. When it comes to proud Canadians, their perfect match is a sparkly white winter. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable day out in the elements, an intimate soiree indoors or a little something in-between, here are the […]

Your Child’s First Out of the Nest Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Saying No to Your Young Adult’s New Beau…Don’t Bother! So, you are finally going to meet their first out of nest boyfriend or girlfriend.  Be nice!  Unless they are the absolute worst nightmare, showing indications of a tendency towards verbal or physical abuse, there may be very little you can do. It will be hard […]

Eliminating the Empty Nest Fear Factor

Empty Nest Fear Factor

Empty Nest Fear factor For Empty Nesters there are a multitude of fears on entering this transitional phase.  Some of the most anxiety causing fears are: The end of an era that will never come back? Becoming redundant as parents? Feeling old? A change in our spousal relationship? Will our children manage the transition successfully? Will they forget […]