Off To College – Quick Post Secondary Checklist for Parents and Students

Off To College – Quick Post Secondary Checklist for Parents and Students

04/08/2015 0 By J. L. James

Well, the countdown has begun for many parents.  It won’t be long before the young adults are off to post secondary institutions. Each new entry group is the brightest and best, and they have access to more information than we ever thought possible.

I have found in discussions with other parents, that there are certain aspects of this transitional period that crosses socio-economic, and cultural lines.  Sometimes you want to oversee your child’s efforts to transition out of the house, just to make sure it will happen and in a way that is conducive to all concerned. I know from experience that offspring may not keep you in the loop. But it is a good idea to stay on top of things, as it could be expensive and challenging to make changes later on.

Our resident Educator, and Urban Historian, who is about to send his last child off to university, The Beaver has these pearls of wisdom to share:

 Tips for Students

1. Check the paperwork received from the post secondary institution you have accepted.

2. Note the dates that information has to be returned.

3. Meet with the academic advisor and register for courses.

4. Attend the orientation and connect with other students via the student union.

5. Read the academic biographies of your prospective faculty members.

6. Check residence requirements and deadlines.

 7. Review housing options if you are not living on campus. Find a room mate.

 8. Apply for loans and scholarships.

 9. If you are going to be on a varsity sports team maintain contact with the coach. Student athletes  may start earlier, especially if they have to prepare for games as soon as school starts.

10. Get your driver’s licence.  It may come in handy even if you don’t have a car.

11. Vote – make your voice heard. From student union to municipal and federal politics. Don’t get cynical about your ability to change things that can be changed.

12. Open a Bank Account –  Put something away for you future.  If possible get a part time job or create your own employment.

13. Draw up a budget, especially with regards to managing student loans.

14. Write a thank you letter to the people who helped you reach your goal.  You don’t have to send it right away, you can put away until you are ready.

15. Go over your social media accounts and delete everything that is childish, stupid and negative.  You don’t want this following you through school and life.

16. Set your long term goals. Have this information ready when you talk to your academic advisor.

17. Surround yourself with positive, like minded people.  Now is the time to do so as you will never be in company of as many young, bright minds as you will in college.

These tips are a good start.  If you have any others, and I am sure you do, please share.  We always like to hear from you.


Judith and The Beaver


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