Santiago de Cuba, From Guantanamera to Guajira

Santiago de Cuba, From Guantanamera to Guajira

17/04/2015 0 By J. L. James

Santiago de Cuba

The winds of change are blowing through Cuba. The leaders of the US and Cuba,  seem committed to new beginnings. What will the future bring to this bastion of communism in the Caribbean?

Here is a pictorial essay that captures the essence of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. This area of Cuba is still a little worse for wear, years after Hurricane Sandy. Click To Tweet

Building supplies seem to be in short supply as  is the patience of Cubans. Change is slow and residents here are far from the perks available in Havana. Ever resilient in the face of adversity, the local applications for business permits has increased in Santiago, as has their issuance, a sign that entrepreneurship his growing.

Santiago de Cuba is a beautiful area, and the birthplace of Cuban rebellion against the Spanish, then capitalism.  The refrain of Guantanamera  still holds true,  but new Cuba will be more  in the key of Guajira.

Moncada Barracks, Cuba


Festival Time, Santiago, Cuba


195? Car, Cuba,

Santiago, Cuba


Former Grand Houses Now Apartments

The Streets of Santiago, Cuba

The cart in CubaCuba, July 15-22 ,2013 091

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