Say Yes to YS Falls, Jamaica

Say Yes to YS Falls, Jamaica

27/02/2016 0 By J. L. James

“It is the fairest island eyes have beheld; mountainous and the land seems to touch the sky.”
Christopher Columbus, 1494

YS Falls

YS Falls, Jamaica, is located on the south coast of the island.  The YS River works its way down the falls towards the Black River. Waterfalls are always magical places, the free flowing, pristine waters that make the journey down a scenic vertical drop appeals to our sense of adventure.  YS Falls in Jamaica is one beautiful drop.

YS Falls, Jamaica

Beautiful Backdrop

The most fascinating part of any tourist tour in Jamaica is the journey, along the way you will see the rhythm of life that is so vital.  A trip from the hotel to your destination displays the full complexity the social and economic history of the island.  Splendid, large luxurious mansions in the hills.  Gated security enclosed communities below, and wooden dwellings dotted throughout which provide rudimentary shelter. The backdrop to all of this is the natural breath taking beauty of nature which always surrounds you.

The little red Massey Ferguson tractor chugs along with a trailer full of visitors  taking you from the bus to the falls. This is the first hint that you are on a working cattle ranch and thoroughbred horse farm.  We have already pre-ordered our Jamaican lunch which will be waiting for us after our fun at Jamaica’s shortest named Falls.

The YS Falls is a delightful spot.  It is all age and family friendly.  You can be as daring as you want and climb the actual Falls, or you can take the steps up which are located to the side of the Falls. Above ground springs on the property are suitable for non swimmers and children.  There is a constant stream of visitors, however it is so well managed that all you have to worry about is having fun. There is a swing rope over one of the natural water basins for the Tarzan enthusiasts.

Ready to swing, YS Falls, Jamaica

YS Falls is composed of several pools, including a  wading pool which is fed by underground springs. There are many guides there to assist you with negotiating the Falls and taking photographs.  While splashing in the falls, you may hear a whizzing sound in your ear. No, it isn’t mosquitos, it is the sound of zip lines, I had no idea.

Zip line, YS Falls, Jamaica

More fun, but not today. The refreshingly cool  cold water, which is always a surprise to everyone, and youthful frolicking makes you hungry. Today will end with a nice lunch of stewed chicken and rice and peas back at the restaurant where we started.


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