Negril, Down in Jamaica

Beautiful Negril

If you are looking for a  super chill beach in the Caribbean, where the vibes are cool, the water is warm and you can walk  far out into the sea. Then the seven mile beach of Negril, Jamaica is your glittering prize.  The beach is actually less than seven, but who is counting when you are having fun in the sun.

Where to Stay in Negril

For a place to stay that will soothe your spirit and fill your senses, then let us recommend CocoLaPalm.  Not having been to this side of Jamaica before, it was hard to know what to expect.  From the moment I saw the beach, and was greeted by the staff with a  “Welcome home”, Yes!  I knew every little thing was going to be alright.  You really wish it was home, because then you wouldn’t have to leave.

CocoLaPalm Beachfront Resort was a home away from home. It is in the middle of the action on the beach.  Upscale all inclusive hotels on one side and more relaxed low key resorts on the other. I felt like Goldilocks, from the children’s story,  the four poster beds along the beach at Couples Resort would be too big. The thatched roof retreats near the small reggae bars and restaurants, were too small.  CocoLaPalm, in the middle, was just right. This beachfront resort is owned by Minnesota Family, and has unique octagonal buildings and beautifully landscaped gardens.

The staff were always helpful, and Marley’s by the Sea Bar and Grill offered a great menu.  Your senses are caressed by the great sea view, reggae music and the professional dinning service team who attend to every detail.  Experience Jamaica’s national dish, Ackee and Saltfish for breakfast at Marley’s as you enjoy the sea view.

A Hearty Breakfast of Ackee and Saltfish, Jamaica"s National Dish. Marely's By the Sea, Negril, Jamaica ○ Judith
A Hearty Breakfast of Ackee and Saltfish, Jamaica”s National Dish. Marely’s By the Sea, Negril, Jamaica ○ Judith


Ordinary Jamaicans, trying to get their fair share of the lucrative tourism industry,  will offer you products and services as you stroll along the beach.  The encounters are not overbearing and security on the beach will always make sure interactions are acceptable to the visitor. You will be offered everything from Jamaica’s most famous herb, (which in small amounts is now legal in  Jamaica), to handmade string bracelets in Rasta colours, massages and hair braiding. A firm “No”, to vendors is enough if you are not interested, and usually ends with the words “Respect” from the vendor.

Coconut and Sugar Cane Vendor

Caribbean Nights

Lazy days by the beach are transformed to reggae nights as the evening brings preparations for venues to entice you with their DJ and Dance Hall music. There is even a franchise of Jimmy Buffett’s Bar and restaurant, Jimmy Buffett’s  Margaritaville along the beach.  If you are more old school stick to “culture” reggae beats which are more recognisable.  A taxi to Rick’s Café will treat you to an incredible sunset.  Along the strip, across the road from the beach was a club called: The Jungle. I didn’t go in myself, I wasn’t sure which one of the rules posted outside the entrance applied to me, but  I found them very interesting.

Jungle Rules, Night Club in Negril, Jamaica


I heard some beautiful voices along the beach, there were a few band stand pop ups and remember thinking, if only these singers could get recording contracts, there would be new stars in Jamaica. Such is the beauty of Negril. Like Jamaicans say “He who feels it know it.”

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Soulyve Caribbean Kitchen- A New Beginning

Jerk Wrap, Soulyve Restaurant, Orangeville
Jerk Wrap, Soulyve Restaurant, Orangeville

This site is all about change. It is always a challenging experience, especially when it happens to a restaurant.  Soulyve, a Caribbean fusion themed restaurant, located in Orangeville, north of Toronto, recently moved its location.  The move was just up the street so  fans of the old place won’t  have to go out of their way.

It is still early days, as the Soulyve restaurant just reopened this month, so a recent initial visit to the new location  found the former cosy atmosphere missing.  The building is a lot bigger and has a second floor, so there is lots of room for fun Caribbean themed gatherings. There is also a good size patio which will probably be hopping in the summer.

This restaurant, famous for its Caribbean fusion, is a rarity in these parts. Soulyve provides spices and flavours, tempered and redefined for the local  palette. A standard favorite is the Jerk Wrap, A chick pea flour wrap,  with your choice of delicately flavored: jerk or curry chicken,  curried goat or pork, served with sweet potato chips and dip on the side.  Another popular favorite is the fried plantain.  The natural sweetness of the fruit is a delicious pairing to any meal.Plaintains, Soulyve


Soulyve seems to be working out the kinks in its new home and should soon return to that hot, hot, hot, fun Caribbean place, that heats up the town of Orangeville.

You can find the restaurant on: 

34 Mill Street

Orangeville, ON