Say Yes to YS Falls, Jamaica

YS FALLS, Jamaica,

“It is the fairest island eyes have beheld; mountainous and the land seems to touch the sky.” Christopher Columbus, 1494 YS Falls YS Falls, Jamaica, is located on the south coast of the island.  The YS River works its way down the falls towards the Black River. Waterfalls are always magical places, the free flowing, pristine waters […]

Cucumber and Ginger Drink: Memories of Jamaica

Cool and refreshing: Cucumber and ginger drink When I was last in Jamaica I was introduced to a refreshing and delicious drink. Who would have thought of the pairing  cool cucumber with  hot Jamaican ginger. It sounds like a bad date, but it tasted great. Especially with lots of ice. I did not get the recipe at the time, but the version […]

Life is a Beach in Jamaica

Discovering the Beach I have to admit that it has been many years since I visited the island of Jamaica.  When I was a teenager, my mother, who worked in the hotel industry at the time, was transferred from London to Kingston, Jamaica to help launch a new hotel – The Jamaica Pegasus. The transition […]